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Welcome to our Mental Health Programs and Services. 

Adult Mental Health Program: Our Adult program focuses on those patients that have mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress, grief counselling and may include assessing socioeconomic concerns. We provide supportive group and 1:1 individual counselling with our Social Workers. Counselling is based on the brief counselling model that involves 1-3 visits and focus on your immediate concerns.

If your physician is a provider for the Family Health Team, you may self-refer. Please call 519-470-3030 Ext. 120

Children and Youth Mental Health Program: Our Children and Youth program is provided by Keystone. Keystone provides counselling services for the Family Health Team as well as workshops for parents on key topics, including ADHD, managing challenging behaviour, supporting and parenting anxious children and parenting a child through separation and divorce. 

If your physician is a provider for the Family Health Team, you may self-refer. 

Understanding & Parenting ADHD
Managing Behaviour in your Child (under 6)
Grandparents as Caregivers
Stress Management 101
Understanding & Improving Sensory Responses In Your Child